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Workshop information

Unless otherwise stated workshops include lunch only. There are two local stores (lanthandeln och eko-skafferiet) in Stjärnsund which can provide you with the basics. If you are a guest at Fridhems hostel you can use their kitchen. We also have an outdoor kitchen under development that you are welcome to share for cooking.


A hostel with dorms and private rooms
Cost: from 200 kr / day.
More info: http://www.frid.nu

Vilan – Spa och vandrarhem
For couples who prefer privacy there is .
Cost: from 800 kr / day.
More info: http://www.vilanstjärnsund.se


You are always welcome to camp in the area. There are many beautiful locations for putting up a tent.

Finding us

Stjärnsund is located in Södra Dalarna, which is 2 hours north of Stockholm.
You can take the train to Hedemora station (20 mins from Stjärnsund).
More info: http://www.sj.se

Busses to Stjärnsund from Hedemora: http://tinyurl.com/c3h9bsf
Ride sharing on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/453922374672856/