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Volontär FAQ

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about volunteering. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here, then please feel free to contact us.

General Info

We normally work at least 4 hours a day depending on the projects going on. We are flexible in our schedules but try to establish a work plan on a weekly basis. But given the ”nature” of what we’re doing we are forced to improvise a lot.

We try to keep about 4 volunteers at a time. Normal tasks include gardening and everything associated with it, as well as building things (setting up greenhouses, composts, hang out areas, etc).

We are a group of projects that receive the volunteers, meaning that during some periods there will be work on nearby projects (like the forest garden, eco-café, bee keeping, helping at the local school, etc.).

We are mostly younger people running these projects (25 – 35 yrs old) and we are still in the implementation phase of building up all of our permaculture systems with the help of funding from the EU.

Travel help

Do I have to sleep outside?

No. We have a private apartment that we let volunteers sleep in as long as there is room available. You will most likely be sharing with another volunteer. We also have a camper with two beds. Beyond these accommodations there may be a tipi and you can camp in your own tent as well. Please bring your own sleeping bag/blanket.

Is there Internet in the forest?

Yes. We have a high speed fiber Internet connection in the apartment that you are welcome to use and will have access to. Several people in the area are sensitive to electro smog so we ask you to switch your 3G off while on the site to be respectful and maintain harmony. We try to avoid excluding anybody and hope our volunteers and guests think the same way.

How much do I need to work?

Volunteers work up to 6 hours a day on average and get two days a week off. This really depends on how much we have to do, which can be very different depending on what’s going on. In our experience volunteers usually enjoy working and will often continue after the official working hours. There will be always something to do! About one day a week we will head off to other project sites in the area to help them out. We are working on a system where there will be an exchange between the different projects in the area so volunteers get a broader experience and learning diverse skills.

What is the work all about?

Gardening and implementing permaculture systems. This includes taking care of plants (nursing, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting etc.), building garden beds, digging ponds, building green houses,  animal care (chickens, rabbits and wormies), building garden utilities, taking care of buildings, tools and machinery etc.


We take turns cooking according to a schedule set in the beginning of every week. We try to use wild edibles in a variety of ways when available.

Can I bring my children?

Yes. You are very welcome to bring your children or pets or husbands as well. If you are planning to be a WWOOFer at our place you should be aware that you can’t work as much as others in case you have children. It might not be so pleasant to stay in the same room with other volunteers either, since everybody needs their own space. We certainly don’t want to exclude anybody and always try to find a solution. Just think about it twice if you can take the responsibility and that you might need to pay some rent for an extra room.

Health care?

There is no clinic in Stjärnsund but it about 10 minutes by car to nearest one. Working and staying with us is 100% your responsibility and we don’t have any insurance for you. Everybody who comes should have their own private insurance if they feel a need. Most people get their own travel insurance. The official WWOOF homepage recommends insurance for Woofers in Europe.
See more here http://www.oveuropa.com

More questions and contact info?

You can email us at stjarnsund@ihop.nu for more info.