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Permakultur Ihop i Garpenberg

Permakultur Ihop is a project that is meant to inspire people to an alternative way of living. We believe that quality of life doesn’t have to mean how big your income is. Quality of life can come from things that many may see as primitive. Who wouldn’t want to be a able to take a few steps out of the door and pick a handful of fresh strawberries for breakfast? Or cook a meal on a stove that you yourself have built?  I’m sure most of us have had the sense of control or pride after successfully completing an invention that we made. Either it being a pulley system that allows us to turn the light off from our bed or a beautiful piece of art that we are proud of, this is the attitude we want to encourage here at Permakultur Ihop. Our goal is to inspire people to a more natural, regenerative way of life and create a demonstration site were people can get ideas and knowledge to start their own small scale farms or gardens.

More info here: http://permakultur.ihop.nu