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Introduction to Cold Climate Forest Gardening (Norway)

Forest gardens are inspired by the stability and diversity found in natural forest ecosystems while at the same time providing food from edible canopy trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and ground cover plants. During this three day introduction course about forest gardening you will learn about forest garden theory, site selection, site preparation, planting techniques and you will gain enough knowledge to be able to design and start establishing your own small forest garden. During the course the participants will also be introduced to around 50 useful perennial plant species that do well in Nordic conditions. The course will be held at the Observatory Permaculture Farm (http://www.observatory-permaculturefarm.com), about 60 km north of Oslo, Norway. The course will be held by Philipp Weiss and Annevi Sjöberg, who both are Permaculture teachers at Permakultur Stjärnsund in Sweden (http://stjärnsund.nu/).

Course Schedule

Day 1, July 25.

  • What is a forest garden?
  • Ecosystem dynamics and strategies for successful forest gardening
  • Where to place a forest garden – observation and site selection
  • Designing a forest garden

Day 2, July 26

  • Cold climate forest gardening species: The 50 best trees, shrubs and herbaceous plant species for Nordic conditions
  • Common forest gardening mistakes
  • Site preparation – staking out boundaries, plant placement, mulching
  • Introduction to plant propagation techniques

Day 3

  • Cold climate forest gardening species: The 50 best trees, shrubs and herbaceous plant species for Nordic conditions – cont’d.
  • Planting techniques – how to give plants a good start.
  • Creating beneficial wildlife habitats

Accommodation: Free camping or bed in shared room (100 NOK).

Food: Bring your own food or ingredients for meals we will cook together during the course.

Course fee: SEK 1300 / NOK 1200

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Payments from Norway are made to: Cultura Bank: 1254.05.00809 – Gerd Pedersen

Payments from Sweden are made to: Hälsingbo Skogsträdgård, BG 874-8493

Or pay with Paypal: [nicepaypallite name=”Kurs: Introduction to Forest Gardening” amount=”1300″]


For inquiries about the course venue, food and accommodation, please contact Gerd Pedersen (abcoslo@hotmail.com).

For questions about the content of the course, feel free to contact Philipp Weiss (philipp@ihop.nu).